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  • Balázs Száday

As if we said so

Carlos Tavares, the CEO of Stellantis (the 2nd biggest automaker in Europe) – it's always worth paying attention to his opinion.

Recently he gave a joint interview to Les Echos, Handelsblatt, Corriere della Sera and El Mundo, and made some important and eye-opening points.

The European Commission's strategy to phase out combustion engines favouring electric vehicles is a political choice that carries environmental and social risks.

"Given the current European energy mix, an electric car needs to drive 70,000 kilometres to compensate for the carbon footprint of manufacturing the battery and to start catching up with a light hybrid vehicle, which costs half as much as an EV (electric vehicle)," he said.

We, at GoZero, believe the automotive industry is on the wrong path. Not just making cars that don't mitigate climate change, but the constant rise in their price gradually excludes more people from personal mobility.

That's a severe problem we are working on solving.


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