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  • Balázs Száday

Microlino - a competitor?

There is a new car on the horizon for a while from Switzerland. We have kept our eyes on them for years; they improved in design, and the 10m+ investment last winter seems to speed them up further.

There are many similarities: our goal is roughly the same. We aim for the same kgs, kWs and kWhs. We truly agree with them in terms of price and car category, but the revival of BMW Isetta might be questionable because it is just a few's cups of tea. It is still likely to be a big success, and we are truly thankful because they prepare the market for us.

Our main concern with the microlino design is the shortness of the car. It is just a tale that you can park a short car rectangular to the road. It often happens in marketing videos but is very unlikely in reality.

Moreover, it makes sense to park this car in a rectangular way. Otherwise, if someone parks too close to the front of your car, you need to climb in over your roof.


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