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Designing the car of the future is satisfying itself. Building a business on this is even more satisfying.

We can't wait for the next steps. 


Redefining the Way 
We Move

The eco-bubble-car concept is crap and will never succeed. Whatever you think, whatever people say, any human being seeks beauty. We breathe in the beauty of the colours, shapes, and recharge our emotional batteries with feelings. A car is not just a tool of mobility; it has colours, shapes, and provides feelings. It's part of our personality. The way we relate to cars differs from how we relate to any other object. Our car is our skin, and we cannot change it. 

Zoltán Kovács - co-founder, designer




I've been working in marketing and advertising. I've been trying to influence people's decisions. In this project, I do the same. Beyond building a brand, we rethink personal mobility to save the environment and personal mobility for the masses.

Balázs Száday - co-founder



My passion for cars started in my early childhood, gradually growing from a desire to a profession. Environmentalism plays an essential part in my life, thus making mobility more environment-friendly preoccupies my mind for a long time. The years we talked about the future of cars gradually converted the dream into a plan. 

The business network I built during my years in business development opened doors to a wide range of car industry players to validate the product from all aspects.

Szabi Varga, CEO

Gabor Hanczar

Innovation has a long tradition in my family. Oscar Asboth is often credited with the invention of the helicopter; Emil Asboth was one of the most successful CEO of Ganz Works, one of the most significant industrial enterprises in the Kingdom of Hungary. 
I'm doing my best to inherit both the innovation and the success component into GOZERO. 



Gergely Hanczar

After a decade-long academic career, I focused more on business success. Learned by trial and error for years, it finally led to the exit of my first startup in Hungary in 2015. Relocated then to the UK and managed a partial exit from another startup in 2017. Today I'm head of RnD and co-founder in a recently funded startup that achieves higher day-by-day. These experiences encourage me to proudly support my brother by offering consultancy in achieving his impressive goals.


Peter Klimon

I'm the CEO of Csepel Bike, the most significant, 100 years old Hungarian bike factory that has already produced 16,000,000 bikes. Bike-part-based four-wheelers are unfairly underrepresented on the streets today. This excellent Gozerocar concept is the ideal missing link in mobility. Csepel has an extremely long track record in innovation and will also be part of this success. 

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