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Where does the 'electrification' mantra come from?


Today, we pretend that we can afford to postpone making the sacrifices needed to minimise climate change. This unresponsible behaviour makes climate change an even more significant threat.

Politicians hardly ever create regulations that bring fundamental transformation because that would require commitment from us, and they are afraid of being unpopular. That is why they hide behind the fake activity of supporting electric propulsion.


As a result of the regulation, car manufacturers focus mainly on electric engines instead of a complex environmental approach. They take lightly increasing the size of cars and adding unimportant functionalities that increase the weight and speed up obsolescence. Thus, the ecological impact of vehicles throughout their life cycle is not even close to the level that would help mitigate climate change.

Ironically enough, people use their oversized electric cars even more often in the illusion that they are not harming our environment. They don't even know how wrong they are.

20201021gmc-hummer-ev10 copy.jpg
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